Business Process Re-Engineering

Successful BPR requires complete Management and Cross-Functional ownership and support.  Working closely with your "Team", in a collaborative, nominally three to six month effort, SEAS will facilitate identifying and analyzing existing organizational goals and processes, reviewing and identifying duplicated, outdated or missing customer centric processes. Starting with the "as is", SEAS will generate unique Swim Lane diagrams of Process and Data Flows overlaid with your current Policies and Procedures.  Next, these flows will be evaluated from a both a common and business sense standpoint.  Cross-Functional team members along with SEAS personnel will work together to reengineer the Total Package to effect positive improvement exceeding your organizational goals.  The process of laying out a roadmap to continuously exceed customer expectations will be supported with:

·      Revised Goals, Policies and Procedures

·      Documented Training

Internal Assessments

Implementation Progress Monitoring

·      Lessons Learned

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